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Kamden Hainsworth

The ADHDirectory, Founder

Kamden lives with her husband and three daughters in Springville, Utah. She enjoys spending time in nearby the mountains,  traveling, working on home improvement projects and serving in her community and church. 


Kamden worked as an educator in a variety of capacities for over ten years. She has always felt the most fulfilled helping others realize their true potential. Years after her daughter was diagnosed, Kamden received her own ADHD diagnosis at 36 years old and quickly began advocating and researching to learn how to build her new amazing life as an ADHDer. 


You can work with Kamden in two different ways. 

Kamden developed TheADHDirectory after feeling the overwhelm of accessing ADHD information on the internet. This service is a one time 1:1 consultation service to help ADHDers (adults and minors) connect with personal and tailored resources including coaches, podcasts, books, and subscriptions that will help direct them to their ADHD home. 


The Dreamcatcher Coach

Kamden coaches 1:1 with ADHDers that want to get their dreams out of their head and into the world. She helps them create their desired product through tangible plans, vision, structure and marketing, through accessing their own ADHD brain. 

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The Story.
At 36 years old, running two businesses, managing a household with my husband and three kids, a mortgage and a financial crisis, I found myself in the middle of an ADHD mental breakdown. 

The only thing was,
I didn't know I had ADHD.

I felt isolated, confused and genuinely concerned for my future. 

My breakDOWN 
became a
when I began taking my life into my own hands. I reached out to ADHD professionals and started learning, listening to and reading as much as i could about adhd.
The ADHDirectory
was born
from that process. I realized quickly just how non-ADHD friendly the whole "getting help" process is and wanted to make it easier. 

Though this process i've learned a lot but one of the most important lessons i've learned is
Every person is individual,

every ADHD is unique.
There is NOT JUST ONE PERFECT WAY. There are a multitude of beautiful possibilities waiting for us to discover.
what a joy to get to know you, your personal challenges, your values
and culture!
on your consultation, we get clear on where you are and where you want to go- then we connect you with valuable support and resources that will put you on your individualized course to achieving the life you most desire. 

I'm cheering you on.
 i believe in you.
you can do this. 

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