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Cathy Rashidian

I help professionals/entrepreneurs take control of their 🧠 after diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood


Are you a Professional or Entrepreneur diagnosed with ADHD late in life?


I help you to:


  • To identify and reframe your beliefs about your ADHD that hold you back and give you proven tools to re-pattern your brain

  • Learn the capability to consciously recognize when you are reacting to life’s circumstances, even in the most challenging moments, and know how to choose precisely how you want to act.



Cathy Rashidian is a Certified Transformation Coach - supporting entrepreneurs and business professionals who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Cathy works collaboratively with her clients to move past the ADHD diagnosis and develops sustainable personalized action plans that help them thrive in the workplace and at home.

She draws upon her extensive and successful corporate career of twenty years and her own experience with ADHD to equip her clients with tools and strategies for success. She firmly believes that it is not about the label but how we choose to see the world and ourself in it.


After being diagnosed with ADHD in her 40's, Cathy decided to leave behind her successful corporate career to pursue learning about ADHD and empowering herself and others to live a fulfilled life, as opposed to a life defined by the label. Through her diagnosis and studies, she has achieved greater success in all aspects of her life. She received her Certified Professional Coach credentials through iPEC Coaching Academy, one of the top professional coaching institutes in North America and recognized by the International Coaching Federation. She continues to grow knowledge and resources in ADHD at the ADD Coaching Academy and is completing her advanced Coach Training Certification with ADD Academy.

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