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Ceri Payne


If You're Not Ready To Give Up On Yourself, Your Business, Or Your Dreams, You're In The Right Place

There’s time for growing your business and the home-life you most desire. It is 100% possible! 

And, it’s possible without sacrificing the things you value most or adding more to your already packed schedule.

  • Our coaching sessions will NOT focus on waking up before the sun or working late into the night.


  • Our sessions will NOT give you “boot camp” hacks to motivate yourself to push past physical exhaustion.


  • And we will NOT ignore your personal needs for self-care.


Our health and sleep is valuable and we don’t have to sacrifice either to achieve our dreams. You’ll soon learn how to get everything done you want to accomplish within “normal” hours

If it’s important to you we figure out how to get it done while making it feel simple and doable.


As a mom of 3, business owner, and an active participant in my community and faith, I grew my coaching business while also teaching school full-time and maintaining a healthy weight after losing 100 pounds. I’ve learned for myself simple strategies, intentional skills, and mindset techniques to help other women like you create more time, customize goals, and simplify schedules to fit their unique family and business needs. 


How you grow your business and show up for your family will look different from anyone else. But it doesn’t mean that you will be any less successful in either role. 


As a coach who walks with you on this journey, I’ll help you master these same simple tools and gain the skills that have helped myself and other successful women show up as the person they want to be – with confidence in their decisions, and without losing traction in their business.

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