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“I was wanting to find focus and motivation for my business. [During our consult] I felt heard and as if everything I was saying was not only valid but an exciting start off point. I have my excitement back! I also adore my coach!"


Founder FM Farmhouse, Business Owner

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"Too often we are left to feel alone in this diagnosis and this individualized service allows you to feel connected and feel that you can set a positive plan of growth moving forward! The connection made allowed me to feel comfortable setting up a consult with an ADHD life coach! I am now working with a coach who is a perfect fit for me and just after a few sessions I feel immense growth!" 


Author, "Hi, It's Me! I Have ADHD"

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"The consultation is completely tailored to the individuals' experiences. I'm being more forgiving of myself for the challenges I'm facing and it has greatly decreased the anxiety I get from my executive dysfunction."


Associate Designer, Graphics ESPN