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Jessica Heimsoth

Jessica Heimsoth knows what it is like to feels powerless. At 28, after years of trying to find the motivation to achieve her goals, strengthen her faith, and improve her relationships (and getting nowhere) she was diagnosed with ADHD and introduced to how amazing life could be with the right tools (and thoughts!) at her disposal. Now, she serves other ADHD adults through her coaching practice, EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE COACHING, by teaching them to master their minds so that learning new skills and achieving ANY GOAL becomes totally doable (perhaps even FUN). She has a special heart for those who have confidence issues, poor self-esteem, and poor body image. Finally, she has a deep knowledge of the Christian faith and loves helping clients apply Biblical truth and prayer to aid them on their ADHD journey.


Jessica lives in Kansas City with her oh-so-neurotypical husband, adorable 2-year-old daughter, and brand new baby.  



Instagram: @everythoughtcaptivecoaching

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