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Job Squad


Monthly membership 


➤ Organization, Time management and Executive Function Deficits
➤ Study skills, homework skills, communication, self-advocacy
➤ Creating a balance between school, work and leisure time
➤ Fine-tuning short and long term goals with accountability strategies
➤ Career Exploration, Career Choice & Career preparation
➤ Freshman-to-Senior support in academics, life skills and career preparation
➤ Identifying interests, strengths, values and skills and a good career fit

➤ Job search and on the Job Coaching
➤ Interview strategies including informational interviews and job shadowing
➤ Overcoming special challenges during interview and on the job
➤ Life Coaching (diet, exercise, sleep and screen time concerns)

Lynn Miner-Rosen, Career Coach

"Coaching has been a really rewarding experience for me.  I have been able to develop several self-management skills through the process that I would not have had the opportunity to know about if it weren't for Lynn. Thanks to the sessions I have spent with Lynn, I was able to experience a strong sense of accountability during my coaching and I have learned to be accountable to myself now having completed coaching."

-Emma C. 


All ADHD Job Squad Members Get Access To:

Video Mini-Lessons 
Supportive Community
Live coaching
Supplemental Tools
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