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Kamden Hainsworth

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You're a busy brained mom like me.

You might even have ADHD. 

You've got dusty dreams, or maybe too many to count. 

You've got chaos in all the places. 

You desire your life to reflect your good heart and powerful mind.


You're ready to lace up your shoes and get this show on the road. Ready to catch and turn those passing thoughts into actual life. 

It sounds like we could be a great fit. 

I live in that same world, somedays are still a challenge, I'm not going to lie. As a mom of 3 and a multiple business owner the crazy can feel next level.


But now I have ownership, tools and vision, now, like a dreamcatcher I can grasp the good and let the less helpful distractions kindly glide past. 

The even better news is I can help you do the same. This life is glorious, busy brains and all. We are champions. If your time is now let's see if working together is the next step to Catching your Dreams. 

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