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Laureen MacCallum

Laureen started FAMILY ADHD COACH to help moms as they raise their ADHD families. Through her own experience as a mom of three (and the oldest having ADHD), Laureen learned early on that having a child with ADHD can seem like a hard and lonely journey. This spurred Laureen’s desire to help other ADHD families and support other women on their own, or their child's, ADHD journey.


Laureen is a trained ADHD Coach (AAC with ADDCA) and is passionate to help moms and families on this lonely, sometimes stressful, yet adventurous journey. Laureen’s belief that having ADHD is a different ability, NOT a disability helps her to coach individuals through identifying strengths, learning empathy, having compassion and positive parenting skills can make a difference in our ADHD children’s mental wellness as well as our own.


Laureen MacCallum

Family ADHD Life Coach

"Finding your buried treasure..."

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