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Merille Ford

Health Coach/ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There was a time in my life where I felt hopeless, without answers, and without anyone else to turn to. 

Eventually I did find the right support from amazing, empathetic, determined professionals who walked with me on this path of healing and who knew I could be healthy again even 

when I no longer believed it myself.


The biggest thing that I realized through everything was that my health is a complex web of interconnecting issues. My physical health affected my mental health, which took a toll on my relationships, which caused more stress and anxiety. Only when I started to treat them all together did I see improvement. I realized that my organs and adrenal glands were so full of junk and toxins that it was causing my mental health to suffer. This was the reason that I couldn't just "snap out of it" or "think more positive". There was a very real problem that ended up having a clear answer. 

I have found peace, happiness, balance, and health that I had no idea was possible by discovering the nutrition that was right for my individual needs, techniques to manage life's stresses, recognizing where in my life needed more attention, letting go of unrealistic expectations, and developing an awareness of what exactly I needed and how to get it. 

After years of passionate research in psychology, interpersonal relationships, nutrition, and optimal body performance, I realized it was time to turn this passion into practical knowledge and skills you can use in your everyday life to feel better, reduce stress, gain energy, find balance, and transform your body and mind.


I am so excited to be able to help others in the ways they need. I'll even find other sources of support that will get them help as quickly as possible. Connecting all the dots of my own health hasn't been easy, and sharing my story is sometimes even harder, but I know my experiences can serve to help so many others. 


My path to becoming a Wellness Coach is one I’ve been traveling for a long time, but I’m so grateful I'm here! I love helping people who are stressed out, busy, and overwhelmed to transform their bodies, minds...  and their lives. Through all my struggles, I wished I had someone who could guide me confidently to wellness; and now I get to be that person for you!

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