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Michael Carlini

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Michael Carlini is an ADHD coach who specializes in working with students from middle school to graduate school. He and his wife Lauren live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and have two dogs named Jenny and Moss. Michael has the unique experience of having gone through the trial and error process of how to best manage his own ADHD. He is knowledgeable about ADHD and life coaching, and his own life experiences allow him to easily connect with and establish an open rapport with students who have ADHD. As a teacher, he found a great deal of success supporting his students with ADHD and other learning differences. His experiences inspired him to become an ADHD coach and create Carlini Coaching LLC. Michael is a graduate of JST Coaching and Training's course Empowering Students Through Coaching and is an ICF Associate Certified Coach. He offers one-on-one ADHD coaching sessions virtually and in-person. Michael works with his clients to design strategies and structures to help them achieve their goals.




Instagram: @carlini_coaching

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