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Voices of ADHD

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Chrissy C.

March 2, 2020

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Hi my name is Chrissy and I live in Northern Kentucky. I’m 42 I have three kids one is 23 one is 19 and in college And the other just turn two.  I know I had to reread that after I wrote it yes we have a two-year-old.  So I have felt this way entire life I work outside the home full-time With a demanding job I work for the federal government so everything I do has to be on point and I have ADHD and find it hard to Concentrate sometimes. I manage over 40 people and their budgets. But I am always getting interrupt it at work all the time and I hate to be a mean person but sometimes I have to tell them to get the hell out.  So I am actually meeting with a therapist that specializes in adult ADHD and I’m on medication which is helping so one day I won’t have to rely on the medication and I can do other things instead. So if you ever want to talk hit me up.  Follow me at TikTok @jonies30 if you would like to.  Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Michelle. C.​

April 15, 2020

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I am a 39 woman that was diagnosed with what my doctor called severe ADHD.  Looking back, everything in my life makes sense now.  I'm on meds but am still struggling with procrastination, messiness and boredom with most things.  I have no hyperactivity and tend to be super introverted.  


I am a successful RN, single mom of 2 kids and own my home, but I'm overall, a big hot mess.  Can't go to counseling because of this virus.  Love your tips and am curious about what resources you have found helpful.  I know what to do, but feel paralyzed most of the time when it comes to actually doing it.  


I didn't realize that there was anyone out there that understood my struggle.  Thank you!!!

Gene B.

March 5, 2020

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I was first diagnosed in the 3rd grade with ADHD. Before this I often got in trouble often and was regarded as a "problem child". When I was diagnosed I went to see a Neurologist who has helped me every step of the way. I am now 17 living with ADHD. It has been a long struggling road but I take each and every day with stride. Last year I was prescribed an anti-anxiety because of anxiety of an unknown cause. It turned out that it was because of a medication I had been taking for years. I was taken of that medication and Was still having anxiety issues. I am in the very high end of the ADHD spectrum. I have given numerous presentations and lectures on ADHD both in 4-H and in schools. I hope to give more talks to fellow students dealing the same condition. My name is Gene and this is my story. 

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