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Sophie Krupp

ADHD Health & Mindset Coach

I remember how frequently feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, and lacking follow-through were a part of my everyday life. My world came crashing down in 2017 because of medical diagnosis that left me unable to do most of what I wanted to do at the time. It knew it was time to stop and pivot. It felt like the hardest thing to do, but I knew that my life depended on me stepping into the driver’s seat. I needed support, so I chose to learn how to ask for help. Now as a person living with ADHD, I teach women the practical tools I used to get my health back on track. As a corporate coaching professional in the Southern California area, I did more than 1,800 calls helping clients nationally. I draw from my professional training as a midwife, a trained health and mindset coach, and a women’s herbal educator. I want to teach you how to radically accept who you are, so that you can move forward to reach your goals. The life you want is available to you.

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