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Tina Madsen

 Women's ADHD Coach

Tina Madsen is a Coach who feels completely centered in her purpose as she coaches women with ADHD into the high-perfoming, self-loving bad-asses they were born to be.


When she is not connecting with clients she can be found having fun with her two fantastic boys in her hometown of beautiful Whistler, BC. They ride mountain bikes, swim and fish the local waters, cook nutritious food and prioritize adventure. 


She is a former professional athlete and top level sales achiever in her previous career that understands that having an ADHD brain like hers and yours is special! Throughout all the seasons of life, she has learned the exact tools, systems and practices needed in her day to day life in order to feel abundant, joyful and at peace - and to thrive because of her ADHD diagnosis, not in spite of it. She understands the challenges of the ADHD brain and is passionate about empowering women how to channel their innate gifts and powers, for a deeper sense of confidence, vibrance and joy in their day to day living.

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